Guest Artists/Performers: Camp Edgewood NSAC has welcomed many local artists and performers including, but not limited to Ethereal Nightmare, Jay Schwed, DrumFest, Paul Timo, and Mysto the Magician.

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Annual Halloween Party


Magic Show w/ "Mysto the Magician"


Fun and Games

Campfire w/ Marshmallows

"One-Day Hand Drumming Workshop"


Local Artists from Seattle


Naby Camara

Gordy Ryan

Simone Ladrumma

Bill Matthews


September 2011

August 2011

July 2011

Paul Timo's Facebook page here:

Shamanic Drumming

$10 entry...3.5 hours!!!

Paul Timo on Saturday, July 16th in our Auditorium. Shamanic Drumming is said to balance Chakras (energy centers) and will leave you feeling empowered. Shamanic drumming is a powerful, amazing adventure that is guaranteed to uplift your spirits.


Ethereal Nightmare is a local rock band of all Camp Edgewood Spiritualists. Find more of their YouTube videos here.



Jay Schwed, sound healer and visionary